Freshwater Pearl 12.5mmUP Big Pearl Single Pierce /Single Stud Pearl Earring Single (One Ear) K14WG/K18YG (marlena-53-5700)

It is MARLENA's stud earring with a large Freshwater pearl.
The simple yet voluminous size goes well with long chain and charms.
 It is sold individually so that you can pair it with other earrings.

Type of pearl Freshwater pearl pink purple (natural) type
Size 12.5mmUP
Material K14WG
   (※Can be changed to K18YG)
Note Includes silicone double lock back

★Color and shape may differ slightly from photo since pearls are natural. 
The pearls have dimples which happens naturally. It will not be noticable once it is worn.

Delivery Scheduled to be shipped within 2 business days to a week