Notice of Website Renewal

Thank you for using enwsp.

This time, the enwsp homepage is
We have renewed the homepage of the jewelry brand"MALRENA"from enwsp.

"Pearl sets people free."

MARLENA is a brand that actively incorporates new designs that are not bound by conventional formats and proposes ways to enjoy pearls in style.

Incorporating real large pearls into daily and casual,
Please enjoy the world view of"MARLENA"that proposes a modern pearl style.

■ For customers using the old EC site

For some products posted on the enwsp site,
It will no longer be available on the website after the renewal, but it will continue to be sold at the following stores.
We appreciate your continued patronage.

Directly managed store"enwsp Ginza store"Click here for details

Directly managed store"enwsp Shinsaibashi store"Click here for details

Online site"Pearl for Life"Click here for details

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support of"enwsp"and"MARLENA".