I haven't received the order confirmation email?

Please check your email reception settings。
In our shop, apart from the automatic delivery email delivered immediately after ordering
We will send you an order confirmation and thank you email within the next business day after you place your order.ます。
When you place an order, we will send you important information regarding payment etc.で、
If you do not receive the email, please contact us.せ。

Customers using free mail such as hotmailyahoo mail and Gmail様、
If the email from our shop cannot be delivered normally from the customer who uses the mobile email addressと
In some cases, you may be contacted or an order confirmation email may be sent back from the destination server with an error.す。

Also, especially more than customers who have registered on ezweb数、
We have you declare that you have not received the email from our shop.。
It seems that you may not be able to receive emails sent from addresses that have no problem due to the junk email settings on the server side of ezweb.。
Excuse me, but please check your email settings.き、
【Please make settings so that you can receive emails from enwsp@wspcorp.jp.す。
I'm sorry that the mail may be sorted to the junk mail folder.ますが、
Please check again.。
If you do not receive the email, please contact us using the inquiry form.くか、
Please contact us by phone。

Is it possible to issue invoices and receipts??

Yes. It is possibleす。
Please enter the invoice request or receipt request, the receipt address and the proviso in the communication column.ませ。
We will send you a receipt together。

Is it possible to change the delivery address, etc. on the arrival date?か?

It may be possible to change depending on the preparation status of the product.す。
Please contact us by 15:00 on the business day before the scheduled shipping date。
No further changes can be made, so please contact us as soon as possible.す。

The names of the orderer and the transfer holder are different, is that okay??

Please be sure to contact us if the orderer and the transfer holder are different.。
If you do not contact us, we will not be able to confirm your payment, which may delay shipping.す。

I would like to change the payment method?

It may be possible to change it depending on the payment method. A separate fee is required for cash on delivery. Bank transfer Postal transfer The transfer fee can be changed to the customer's expense. We cannot accept changes in credit card payment. I have canceled my order and have to process my order again.きをいただいております。
We will cancel your order, so please contact us by email or phone.せ。

For orders that include items that take a long time to arrive、
Will other items be split and shipped first??

In our shop, if you purchase multiple items in one purchase, all items will be shipped as soon as they are available.す。
It will take some time before delivery of the ordered products, so please order separately from the urgent products.い。

Is it possible to return?

Damage to the product If there is a problem with the quality or if the image is different, please contact us by phone or email within 7 days of arrival. If you return the product due to a different image, we will bear the round-trip shipping fee. Please note承ください。

Can I change the length when purchasing a necklace or bracelet?か?

Is possible。
When ordering, please enter the desired length including metal fittings in the communication column.せ。
However, if you want to extend the length, an additional fee will be charged, so please contact us in advance.さい。
※If you want to shorten it, you can change it for free.。

Does the silver part of the clasp darken??

Rhodium processing makes it difficult to discolor.す。

Is it possible to exchange products??

In the unlikely event that a defective product or a product different from the ordered product arrives when the product arrives合、
We will promptly respond to returns and exchanges. Please contact us by e-mail within 7 days after the item arrives. Please contact us by e-mail with your name, product name, return and exchange reason.名」「返品・交換理由」をご連絡ください。

In the case of exchange returns due to customer's convenience, the actual cost of round-trip shipping and various fees will be borne by the customer.きます。
The same applies if the shipping fee is free due to the free shipping product or the purchase price.。

Please note that if you do not confirm the arrival within 7 days after contacting us, we will not be able to accept it.い。
In either case, we will get back to you with information on the return method and procedure.す。

What should I do after using it??

After removing it, wipe off sweat and oil with a soft cloth before storing it in the case.い。

Is it possible to deliver the purchased item directly to the address of the recipient (gift shipping)?か?

Yes. It is possibleす。
There is a procedure to ask for the delivery address when ordering, so please fill in and place an order.さい。
Please be assured that we do not enclose a delivery note, etc. that describes the amount of the ordered product in principle.。
Unless otherwise specified, wrapping is not performed even if the delivery address is different.ん。
If you need wrapping, please specify wrapping when orderingさい。

When will I receive my order now?か?

It depends on the product. Please refer to each product page for the estimated shipping schedule.さい。

Shipping company The shipping method isは?

The delivery company will be Yamato Transport. We will deliver by either courier or cat POS.す。

How will the item arrive??

We will carefully pack and deliver the purchased item with cushioning material in the case.ます。
※For cat POS flights, simple packaging may be used due to thickness restrictions.。

Is it possible to ship overseas??

Yes, we also accept overseas shipments.す。
It will be shipped by international parcel. Shipping fee varies depending on the region and product weight.ます。
We will contact you by email after confirming your order.。
However, please note that shipping may not be possible or shipping charges may change depending on the region.い。

Why are the prices different even though they are the same pearls?か?

Hanadama pearls guarantee a certain level of quality, and not all pearls are of the same quality.せん。
Higher quality pearls are more expensiveす。

Can I change the length of the Hanadama Pearl Necklace??

The length can be changed. If you want to shorten it, it is free.す。
There is a pull-down for changing the length at the top of the shopping cart on the product page.。
Please select that and place an order.。
If you don't have the desired length while you can choose、
Please enter the cm including metal fittings and the desired length in the remarks column of the order form.ださい。

Can you ask me what you want for the color??

We will do our best to meet your request as much as possible.す。
In the comment section when orderingに
「Please write that you want something with a strong pink color and hope for something with a little pink taste.ださい。
Pearls are naturally shaped, so there are individual differences.す。
Therefore, it may be difficult to answer your request.、
We will deliver the one that is as close to your request as possible in stock.。
If you want a white color with less pink, we also recommend purchasing atonal Hanadama pearls.おすすめです。

Can pink toning pearls and pearls be used for mourning such as funerals?すか?

Of course you can use it。
Please choose toning or atonal depending on which color you prefer, white pink, natural white.選びください。