Grown up’s New Coservative Style

"Pearl sets people free."
No two pieces are alike in form, color, or brilliance.
It is because it is guided by nature.
When we stop comparing ourselves to someone else, when we stop trying to imitate someone else, we will surely be able to live more freely.
Listen to the voice of nature and free your mind.
The power of real pearls for women with style who follow their own path in their own way.


Brand Designer´ s Interview
Maki Nagano 

Maki Nagano

Since pearls are the main character, I was inspired by the ocean. I lived in LA and Hawaii, where the ocean was very close to me. I designed the garments as if I were drawing a picture while looking at the ocean spread out before my eyes. I myself used to wear cotton pearls when I was in my 20s, but when I reached my 30s, fake jewelry started to look cheap and unflattering.

Fashion-wise, I often wear a light shirt or T-shirt due to the climate where I live, but even in such situations, matching real jewelry eliminates any mismatch with my age. This time, we wanted to propose the fun of wearing real pearls with casual wear to adult women in their 30s and older.

MARLENA's pearls are of very high quality, thanks to the connoisseurship skills cultivated over many years. Therefore, the beauty of the pearls themselves comes alive by daring to match them with silver instead of gold. For our generation, who no longer need to put too much effort on our shoulders or grow taller, I feel that the balance between high-quality pearls and silver is a good fit. Earrings don't have to be exactly the same in both ears. We asked them to sell one earring at a time so that we can wear different designs asymmetrically.

Real pearls have different expressions one by one, so I get very attached to mine. I would be happy if you could enjoy pearls freely in your own way, changing one earring, or adding necklaces and rings one by one.


Brand producer
Makiko Yabuno 

Makiko Yabuno

"Pearl jewelry for adults with just the right amount of looseness"

We have spent more than 20 years with pearls. As a wholesaler, designer, and retailer of pearls, we, who love pearls more than anyone else and know pearls inside and out, now want to bring something to Japanese women. That is the true charm of pearls.

MARLENA is a pearl jewelry brand that allows you to freely enjoy the beauty of large pearls and the very existence of pearls, with your own sense of value. Pearls are not just for ceremonies. Pearls do not need excessive decoration.

Dilly instead of special.

Simple, not gorgeous.
Pearls from elegance to mode.
Real pearls for everyday life



MARLENA continues to propose new ways to enjoy pearls with new designs and styles that are not bound by conventional forms.
The company has created a diverse collection that expands the possibilities of coordination, including not only formal wear, but also items that mix with unprecedented materials and are conscious of the beauty of mode modeling.


Professionals with a career spanning more than 30 years have a keen sense of discernment and are able to identify the essence of the beads, and are able to provide the highest quality pearls.
Our strong commitment to pearls is also the reason why we conduct all processes in-house, from hand-craftsmanship by skilled artisans to inspection.
The skills and experience of our highly specialized staff are the reason why we deliver quality pearl jewelry.