【Beauty ST August issue supplement x enwsp linked】Pearl Mask Sheet Exchange Campaign

In commemoration of the addition of madama and hada pearl mask sheets to the August issue of Bi ST (Kobunsha), which will be released on Friday, June 17,
At enwsp (Ginza store/Shinsaibashi store), which develops madama.hada (pearl skin), we will carry out a campaign to exchange for a new pearl mask sheet.

■Exchange method/conditions■
① Bring the used empty bag of the pearl mask sheet to the enwsp store.
We will replace it with a new mask sheet of the same type (up to 3 sheets)
* Other than the BiST appendix (previously purchased items, etc.) are also eligible

(2) Register as a friend of one of the official LINE accounts below madama/hada official LINE account enwsp Ginza store official LINE account enwsp Shinsaibashi store official LINE account

■Exchange period■
2022/6/17 (Fri) - 2022/7/31 (Sun)

Please take this opportunity to try it and visit us.
We'll be expecting you.