Grown up ’s New Coservative Style

「Pearl frees people」
There is no such thing as two forms, colors, and brilliance.
Because it's naturally guided
When you stop comparing with someone When you stop imitating someone
We should be able to live more freely
Listen to the voice of nature and release your heart
The power of genuine pearls to give to women who have a style that goes their own way

Brand Designer s Intervieww
Maki Nagano

Maki Nagano

I got the inspiration from the sea because Pearl is the main character. The sea was close to LA and HAWAII where I lived. I designed it to draw while looking at the sea spreading in front of me. I used to wear cotton pearls when I was in my twenties, but when I was in my thirties, fake jewelery didn't look good, or it looked cheap.

In fashion, I often wear shirts and T-shirts because of the climate of the place where I live, but even in such a case, if you put on real jewelry, there will be no mismatch with age. This time, adults in their 30s and over I wanted to offer women the fun of casually matching real pearls.

MARLENA's pearls are of very high quality due to the connoisseur's technique cultivated over many years, so by combining silver instead of gold, the beauty of the pearls themselves will live. You don't have to put too much effort on your shoulders. I don't have to do it. For our generation, I feel that the balance of high-quality pearls and silver fits nicely. The pierced earrings don't have to have both ears properly aligned. I asked them to sell one ear at a time.

Each real pearl has a different facial expression, so I'm very attached to my own. I hope you can enjoy the pearls as you like by changing one ear of the pierced earrings or increasing the number of necklaces and rings one by one.


Brand producer
Makiko Yabuno

Makiko Yabuno

「Make people beautiful with pearls」

We have spent more than 20 years with pearls. From pearl wholesale to design retail, we love pearls more than anyone else and know all about pearls. What we want to deliver to Japanese women now is pearls. The true charm of

MARLENA is a pearl jewelry brand that allows you to freely enjoy the beauty of large pearls with your own values. Pearls are not just for ceremonies. Pearls do not need excessive decoration.

Daily, not special。

Simple, not gorgeous。
Pearls from elegance to mode。
Bringing real pearls to everyday life