Hanadama Pearl Necklace Grade Table

  • (Bグレード) あこや花珠真珠ネックレス2点セット8.0-8.5㎜ (鑑別書付) (b-80-4334)

    hanadama pearl necklace
    2 piece set

  • 鑑別書

    pearl identification certificate

Hanadama pearl necklace (with earrings or earrings)
grade 7.5-8.0mm 8.0-8.5mm 8.5-9.0mm
S. ¥440,000 ¥550,000 ¥660,000
AA ¥352,000 ¥495,000 ¥583,000
A. ¥286,000 ¥374,000 ¥440,000
B. ¥220,000 ¥253,000 ¥286,000
BC ¥176,000 ¥198,000
(Untoned) Hanadama Pearl Necklace
(with earrings or earrings)
grade 8.0-8.5mm 8.5-9.0mm
S. ¥583,000 ¥660,000
AA ¥495,000 ¥583,000
B. ¥253,000 ¥297,000
S grade
Unparalleled strong brilliance and reliable quality among Hanadama pearls Highest quality S grade of Hanadama pearls, beautiful enough to make you sighド。
AA grade
High quality that is slightly inferior to the S grade, such as a different scratch finish that is difficult to judge instantly with the general eye, although it has a strong shine that is not inferior to the S gradeる高品質。
Grade A
A grade with a good balance between high quality and price suitable for a lifetimeド。
B grade
Our most popular B grade, high quality Hanadama pearl that never looks inferior to others.す。
BC grade
Kadama pearls have passed the standards of Kadama pearls.Recommended for those who want pearls with a Hanadama certificate while keeping the price low.スメ。

※At directly managed stores, we have a wide variety of Hanadama pearls and Akoya pearls other than the above grades.す。