【Malolo】Malolo Hook Earrings Natural Pink Freshwater Pearls 13mmUP/9.0-9.5mm K10YG(marlena-53-6584)


The combination of freshwater baroque pearls in an orange-pink color that blends well with the skin and thin, linear gold hooks creates a large, yet relaxed impression. The pearl catch can also be used with your existing earrings. This item will expand your fashionable range with its presence that looks great with simple everyday outfits as well as dressy styles.

Type of pearl  : Freshwater pearl
Size      : 13mm UP / 9.0-9.5mm
Material     : K10YG
Remarks    : With pearl catch

Because pearls are natural materials, the actual product may differ slightly in color and shape from the photo.

Delivery time : Within 1 to 3 business days