【NOIR/Manon】 Noir Manon Earrings / Down Pearl Single (one ear), South Sea White Pearl 11mm UP K10 (Black Rhodium) / K14WG (marlena-53-6639)


NOIR series with black rhodium.

MARLENA's original chain earrings.
The 8 cm chain of shiny and heavy silver with a light swaying of fine black butterfly pearls, selected by our craftsmen, is an item that subtly brings in a sense of fun and playfulness for adults.
This item is sold one ear at a time, allowing you to enjoy different color styles.

Pearl type : White South Sea white butterfly pearl
Size    : 11mm up
Material  : Body K10 (black rhodium)
        Catch K14WG
Remarks  : Total length of chain 8cm

These earrings are sold as single earrings (for one ear).

If you wish to purchase a pair, please purchase two pieces.